A compassionate, step-by-step guide for healing traumatic loss

One of those gems that truly can help anyone get through an extremely difficult event: the sudden death of a loved one. With her six step EMERGE program, Armstrong gives exercises, examples, and real work you can do to sort through all the emotions of grief. This book helped me immensely.

Julie Reinhardt, Author of She Smoke

What People Are Saying:

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    Bill O'Hanlon

    Author of over 30 books, including Thriving Through Crisis and featured on Oprah

    “Courtney Armstrong’s Transforming Traumatic Grief provides practical tools to comfort grievers, promotes resilience and hope for those who have been devastated by tragedy and loss, and shows ways to create renewed meaning in life beyond grief and trauma.” 

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    Nancy Gershman

    Prescriptive Artist and Founder, Art For Your Sake

    "Written in a voice that emanates from a very personal place, Transforming Traumatic Grief is both comforting and empowering. It’s for anyone having difficulty moving through grief or growing from their traumatic experience.” 

  • Jon Connelly, Ph. D., LCSW

    Founder, Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy

    A must-read! An indispensable guide for transforming traumatic grief into healing reconnection.

So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Learn six simple steps that help you:

1. Believe you can heal and move forward. 

2. Manage feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, or anxiety. 

3. Stop nightmares, recurring images, and thoughts.

4. Get the support you want from others.

5. Create the "living story" of your deceased loved one and sense a positive, ongoing connection to them.

About The Author

Courtney Armstrong is a Licensed Professional Counselor who owns a private practice in Tennessee and has trained over a thousand mental health professionals in cutting-edge treatments that heal emotional pain and help people find peace after trauma.

After experiencing her own traumatic grief, Courtney set out to understand what really helps people move forward after suffering profound loss.

In this book, Courtney shares what she learned from the new science of loss, her own journey, and stories from people who've successfully rebuilt their lives after losing a loved one suddenly or violently.

A useful resource for both grievers and the people who help them, Transforming Traumatic Grief reveals new perspectives for understanding grief and practical tools that provide comfort and foster resilience beyond loss.


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